Six Steps to Creating a Name that Nails it for your Start Up

Our partner firm, Gravity Branding, is well known for coming up with some of the biggest names you would recognize today.  Familiar with the term Wifi?  Expedia?  Yep, these names come from Gravity Branding's principal and creative genius, Edward Saenz. 

We've asked Edward what is in a name.  He came back to us with 6 steps that help create new company names, product lines and more. 

1. Identify your audience and determine what they NEED most from your company.
2. Agree on the single most compelling VALUE that you provide audiences.
3. Explore a broad range of names (thousands) that telegraph that value literally, metaphorically, visually or via tone.
4. Create a shortlist of names that have viable URLs and appear free from obvious conflicts - use Google and GoDaddy.
5. Select the top 3-5 names that tell your story best and have a trademark attorney evaluate risk.
6. Pull the trigger on one name and don't look back.

Corey McCarthyComment